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OWS Helps Police Officer Explore Artistic Side

People pose for pictures beside the Wall Street bull, a bronze bull statue that symbolizes a
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Ever since the Occupy Wall Street movement began last September, the NYPD has had an increased presence around the Wall Street bull, a focal point of the movement’s earliest protests. In recent months, of course, there’s been far less action around the bull itself, but police have continued to man the site. Without much else to do, DNAinfo reports, the cop on duty has lately ended up acting as de facto photographer for tourists who love to take pictures in front of the metal beast, especially after police finally removed some of the barricades surrounding the sculpture this weekend. 

The officer, who declined to give his name, gamely crouched down and adjusted camera angles to get a better picture. He also posed with children and several women and even allowed a few of them to try on his navy NYPD cap.

It’s the public, so I’ve got to help them out,” explained the officer, who did not give his name. […]

Many visitors Monday afternoon said they were grateful to have a chance to get close enough to rub the sculpture’s supposedly lucky nether regions and pose with arms flung around its lowered horns.

So, this guy is taking pictures of random Europeans fondling fake animal genitalia that doubles as a metaphor for capitalism? How soon till he gets his own gallery show in Bushwick?

OWS Helps Police Officer Explore Artistic Side