Police Seize 47 Dogs Involved in Alleged Basement Fighting Ring in Bronx

It’s okay now, puppies. Photo: NYPD

Police have arrested Bronx man Raul Sanchez for allegedly operating a vicious dog version of Fight Club in his basement that police said contains an arena for about 100 spectators. CBS New York reports that authorities charged Sanchez with animal cruelty. Police rescued 47 dogs, mostly pit bulls (including puppies!), that Sanchez apparently subjected to a despicable version of entertainment. Items police seized from the basement include 22 crude wooden cages, multiple pet carriers, dog treadmills, harnesses and muzzles, syringes, cash, and a shopping cart full of raw chicken parts, according to CBS. Incredibly, police said most of the scarred and wounded dogs are generally in good condition, but it may take time before they’re ready for adoption. Now it’s likely Sanchez will get a taste of life in a cage.

Police Seize 47 Dogs in Alleged Fighting Ring