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Minnesota Fifth-Grader Had a Legitimate Reason for Missing School

The note.

Tyler Sullivan lived the truant dream on Friday, when he skipped school to meet President Obama and ended up with one of history’s best absence notes. The fifth-grader took the day off to accompany his father to work at the Minneapolis Honeywell factory, where the president was scheduled to make an official visit. There, Tyler got the chance to shake hands with the president, who then asked him if he was supposed to be in class. Upon learning the answer (yes), Obama pulled out a piece of presidential stationery and wrote an excuse to the kid’s teacher, a Mr. Ackerman:

Mr. Ackerman-
Please Excuse Tyler … he was with me!
Barack Obama

This is significantly better than the time Intel tried to get out of a tardy by having a barista describe an unusually long Starbucks line on a napkin. Good work, Tyler.

President Obama Excuses Fifth-Grader’s Absence