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Punching Each Other Didn’t Help Cops Squash Their Beef

When we have disagreements at work, they’re usually settled over Gchat. For the NYPD, only hitting one another repeatedly in the head and body will do, albeit in an organized boxing match with the appropriate gear and a referee. The department’s team, the New York Times reports, “hosts occasional fights each year to give officers a chance to settle their differences.” But in the case of two feuding cops from Brooklyn whose prank war went way too far, the testosterone fest didn’t work as a magical fix-all, according to the losing fighter:

The bad blood between is now “actually worse,” Officer Henn wrote, explaining that he did not take kindly to Officer Sahni’s bragging since the victory.

In fact, Officer Henn called Officer Sahni and challenged him to a rematch next year.

I believe that he is actually afraid,” Officer Henn wrote. “I took his best punches and still came after him. I just ran out of gas … My age kicked in.”

Beats a bar fight, at least. Hear that, Drake and Chris Brown?

Punching Each Other Didn’t Solve NYPD Beef