Rielle Hunter’s Inevitable Tell-All Reveals Inevitable John Edwards Secret

Rielle Hunter wrote a tell-all book about her affair with charming grifter John Edwards, you guys! Who could have ever guessed that this would happen? (Everyone.) We know what you’re thinking, but it’s not just about the money. ABC News, which got its mitts on the book a week early, says that Hunter wrote it “in an effort to explain her relationship with Edwards to their daughter.” This was the only way. 

Anyway, Hunter’s book is full of juicy revelations about Edwards. For example: 

In the bombshell book, “What Really Happened” set to hit stores on June 26, Hunter reveals that Edwards, a two-time presidential candidate, had affairs with at least two other women dating back 20 years, and did not reveal the truth about his former relationships until 2011, two years after Hunter appeared before a grand jury.

Whoa! Who would have ever guessed that a guy with the ego and the balls to cheat on his cancer-stricken wife while running for president would also cheat on his healthy wife while not running for president? (Everyone.) 

The only mystery here is why neither of these two women have come forward to claim their payday. Er, we mean, to, uh, explain their relationships, for posterity. 

Rielle Hunter Says Edwards Had Other Mistresses