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Romney Boys on Conan: Spartan Cheerleaders Song Stuck in Dad’s Head

The Romney family campaign to prove that their patriarch is a regular guy who does things like playing pranks (but not abusive ones) and enjoying sports (or “sport“) continued Wednesday night when the Romney boys appeared on Conan, where they told a funny story about the time that dad got a silly song stuck in his head. Craig Romney recalled the 1996 Saturday Night Live Spartan Cheerleaders skit that would send Mitt into laughing fits. It’s the sketch where Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri sing a ridiculous song about Mexican food. “Taco! Burrito! What’s coming out of your speedo?” Mitt’s goofy! Now it’s up to a reporter on the trail to say “taco!” near Mitt to test the Romney boys’ story.

Romney Boys on Conan: Dad Loves SNL Song