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The Stay-at-Home Mom With Schoolgirl Spanking Fantasies

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Stay-at-Home Mom With Schoolgirl Spanking Fantasies: Female, 33, Manchester, U.K., stay-at-home mother/erotica writer, heterosexual, married.


6:45 a.m. Early morning, daughter is back in school. Check e-mail, crow about today’s new writing release and wank. Nothing pretty, just a quick release to one of my favourite fantasies. Naughty schoolgirl being spanked and having sex with stern yet horny and hot headmaster. Puts ideas in my mind. Maybe I need to pull out the schoolgirl outfit again?

10 a.m. Home from weekly shop. Break the bog brush as I clean the loo. How glamorous is my life? Hang out laundry, check in on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ and wonder about having another orgasm. Decide to go take a lie down with my Kindle and a smutty book. Indulge in a more leisurely playtime and a long, slow orgasm. I’m always extra horny on release day. I need to let the enthusiasm out somehow and hubby is still asleep.

1 p.m. Bake a Jamaican cake to use up tinned fruit in the pantry. Love new recipes and this one looks like it could be a good one. Trying not to think about the fact I’m being weighed tomorrow at Weight Matters (like Weight Watchers but free and provided by the NHS) after a long break. I may be big and beautiful but I have to work at being healthy. Needs to be a balance, I think. Maybe that’s the Libra in me talking?

2:30 p.m. Nearly time to go pick up daughter from school. Lament to husband lack of getting anything done. Promise we’ll get down and dirty tomorrow … then we’ll do the spring clean. He says sex is not so good when it’s forced. I disagree as that is one of my more kinkier fantasies. Hope to high heavens he takes that hint.

7:20 p.m. Zumba kicks my butt with the new moves. I love it though; I feel almost coordinated after over a year at it. The last song makes me smile as last time I heard it I was watching a guy whip a pretty lady on stage. Not sure if I’ll tell the instructor or not, she might find it distracting!

10:15 p.m. After an evening of farting about on the Internet, an early night.

11:30 p.m. Read smutty book about submissives, skipping the girl-on-girl stories as they don’t float my boat. Come thinking about being bound and used for a man’s pleasure.


7:30 a.m. Straight into the morning pre-school routine. Help daughter with math homework; she’s like me, a morning person. Bus is late, which makes us late for school. Not a good start to the day.

9:15 a.m. Come home and write. Feel horny but knowing I have to be out at noon to go back to school means I don’t do anything about it.

Noon At school helping children with their reading.

1:30 p.m. Back home chatting to husband about future plans, remember that I’ve forgotten to go and get weighed. Will have to go Thursday instead.

3 p.m. Pick up daughter go to hunt down cheap items for the Titanic theme day they’re having on Friday. Find one of my favourite tops in a charity shop, just like the lilac rose one I have and love but is now too big for me. Suspect it’s too small but am thrilled to find it fits pretty well when I get it home.

7 p.m. Chat with my bestest overseas mate; we met online eight years ago at He also provides fantasy fodder. We never mess about though he knows what I write about him. He reads it all. We have fun and during our typed conversation I remember a guy I had a crush on in my late teens. Find him on Twitter and send him a message. He’s Stateside these days too. Still has that devastatingly sexy smile.

11 p.m. Bed. Not even an inkling towards masturbation, too tired for it.


7:15 a.m. Wake from an intensely sexy dream. We had a double bed in the living room and I was putting sheets on it. As I did, husband pounced on me and kissed me thoroughly, which led to dream missionary-style sex. I wake up very horny indeed but again no time to do anything about it as it’s time to get up daughter and get her to school.

9:15 a.m. Write a quick flash fiction story. I’m in the mood for sex but hubby is still asleep. He lives on a completely different sleep pattern than me and so I don’t want to disturb him.

10:30 a.m. Look at a Tumblr that always gets me horny, Superman’s Babygirl. Spanking, submission, bondage, and anal photos. I am not a big fan of video but I am visual enough to appreciate a good photo. Think about masturbating but I’m too horny for that. I want, to be blunt, dick.

10.45 a.m. Strip naked and slide into bed with husband. Wiggle about until my breast lies in his hand and bingo, my action wakes him and we kiss, just like we did in my dream. I love a good kiss. It lasts for ages as we rub against each other. I finish up on top of him, then we start having sex with me on top. He hits my G-spot and I orgasm. For me, these internal orgasms are quite weak but I can have lots of them. I honestly didn’t count but I think I had at least ten. Husband came as we both started moaning and groaning and shouting. I slide off him, blankets discarded. I look down at his sticky penis and decide to suck it. As I do, he fingers me with one hand and spanks me with the other. I reach down to play with my clit and come hard as I suck my juices off him. After eleven years of marriage, he still knows how to satisfy me.

3 p.m. Pick up daughter and visit church for an hour. Wednesday is open day so I volunteer to help out. We see no visitors but I chat to a couple of my church friends. Both know what I write, neither seems very bothered. My vicar, well, he’s a different kettle of fish altogether. I think he wishes he didn’t know what I write. I confuse him.

7 p.m. Finally get to do a little writing.

10 p.m. Bed and straight to sleep.


6:45 a.m. Wake early and intend to write. Arse about online instead. I swear the only way I get something done is if I’m procrastinating over doing something else.

9 a.m. Drop daughter at school, then go to the shops. It’s raining and miserable.

10 a.m. Clean, tidy, and all that domestic stuff, then shoot off to school for more reading.

3 p.m. Come home with daughter, cook tea (that’s an evening meal in the north of England), and do daughter things.

8 p.m. Get a message from old mate on Twitter. I’m not remembered until I mention my maiden name and the football team I support (Manchester United). Spend a couple of hours chatting and reminiscing.

11 p.m. Go to bed with a smile on my face.


9 a.m. Wear my best velvet dress to school because they’re commemorating the sinking of the Titanic anniversary with a day of themed lessons. My daughter and I dress up as rich ladies. Do my reading then go home.

10:30 a.m. When I get home I greet my husband with a kiss, which leads to him running his hands all over my velvet-encased body, which leads to us getting naked. He sits and I get on his lap and straddle him, facing away from him. He comes, I don’t; it’s not the best position for me. But my husband is brilliant because as I lean over the sofa arm he fingers me as I rub my clit. He loves to see me come and understands I need direct clit stimulation more often than not.

12:30 p.m. Spend the afternoon e-mailing people. I spend a moment lamenting my handwritten-letter days. My handwriting really isn’t up to letter-writing these days though.

5 p.m. Go out for a meal to celebrate daughter surviving the Titanic. Food is pretty good but I enjoy the view of the bar even more. Hot bartender makes pulling a pint intensely erotic. All sharp lines and bright blue eyes. I want him to dominate me and spank me. Share no more than a few glances with hot barman but the fantasies in my head keep me entertained for the rest of the evening.

11 p.m. Read a dirty book, wank, orgasm, then sleep.


10 a.m. Visit cinema with daughter to see Horrid Henry. Only costs £2. Bargain.

2 p.m. Go to library. Get some cookbooks, daughter exchanges her books.

4 p.m. Watch Labyrinth, cook and eat, watch silly Saturday night TV, and do very little. A perfect wind-down.

8 p.m. Write a bit but not enough, really. Feeling a little blocked.

10:45 p.m. Bedtime.


7:30 a.m. It’s supposed to be a day of rest but I am busy. Sundays always are busy for me. Prep activities for Sunday club, and gather my paperwork and thoughts for annual church meeting which happens after the service.

10:30 a.m. I’m the Sunday School teacher today. Make friendship bracelets, tidy up a lot of little beads.

Noon Church meeting. Not too long, not too boring for a change.

1 p.m. Watch football with my husband. Our teams (Manchester United and Everton) are playing each other and we always make sexual bets. He gets to choose what he wants if his team wins and vice versa. Our teams draw, though, which is disappointing.

3 p.m. Go to mum’s with my sister, daughter, and nanna. Chat, giggle, watch telly. Nanna sings, mum comes down with a cold, I send hubby sexy texts.

7 p.m. Daughter goes to bed, hubby and I watch TV.

9 p.m. Early to bed with hubby in tow. Kisses, cuddles, and slow build-up to missionary position sex where I rub my clit and orgasm around him. Always find that exciting. He comes not long after. We cuddle, talk, and talk a bit more, and hubs goes back downstairs; he’s not tired. I fall asleep with the warmth of his cuddles on my skin.

TOTALS: Sixteen orgasms; three acts of intercourse; three acts of masturbation; one hot barman; multiple fantasies.

Stay-at-Home Mom Sex Diary