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Stuyvesant Students Really Know How to Sell ‘Slutty Wednesday’ Protest

Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty

An ongoing revolt over the new, stricter dress code at one of New York City’s nerdiest schools culminated in a mass action today that even grabbed the attention of the New York Times, which was still too proud to put the good part in the headline:


Outside Stuyvesant on Wednesday morning, the students, many of whom said they had their parents’ support, offered rationales for their protest. “It’s called Slutty Wednesday to symbolize that we’re not actually slutty,” said Benjamin Koatz, 18, a senior from Forest Hills, Queens, whom many students credited with helping to organize the event via Facebook and other social media.

Hundreds of boys and girls participated in solidarity with one another against the rules, which they say “go after certain ‘body shapes,’ singling out girls whose bodies are ‘more curvy.’” They had a plan, a leader, and even talking points:

Moments later, Benjamin jumped atop a concrete wall, with the boughs of the tree hanging above, and gave last-minute orders as if he were a field general before a military siege.

He said students should stick together if anyone was “pulled over.” He suggested some answers they might give to the staff: “It’s a comfort thing”; “In New York City, it is legal to be topless”; “I thought I’d dress a little more conservatively”; “I’m my own person, so deal with it.”

Stuyvesant Students Had a ‘Slutty Wednesday’