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There Are Now Occupy Wall Street ‘Pirates’

A very downtown pirate. Photo: Peter Mountain/Disney Enterprises

Occupy Wall Street, having been booted from park after park in New York City, has now taken to the high seas. Or, at least, a small group of self-styled “occu-pirates” has. As DNAinfo reports, Tom Fox, an OWS supporter who owns a 30-foot sailboat, tried to sail from the 79th Street Boat Basin to Staten Island with a floating drum circle and five fellow supporters; the Parks Department’s Dockmaster told Fox the noise was unacceptable. They’ve now reached a compromise, wherein Fox and friends aren’t allowed to drum between 70th and 11oth streets. So in case you were wondering: The Upper West Side is officially a pirate-free zone, which sounds about right.

There Are Now OWS ‘Pirates’