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These Dogs Live Better Than You

Martha Stewart==Martha Stewart Having Lunch with her dog at the Plaza==The Plaza, NYC==February 12, 2012==? Gaboury/
Martha Stewart and dog at the Plaza. Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/

The phrases “a dog’s life” and “in the doghouse” are not phrases with good connotations. Do we want to rethink that? Consider that not only do we live in a world where a dog inherited a vast fortune, but nowadays,  even the non-heiress pooches live like royalty. Or at least like bougie arrivistes in the doggie equivalents of McMansions. Per the New York Times,  “many” doghouses are now exact replicas of their owners’ homes and contain “carpeting, heating and air-conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, elaborate music and entertainment systems,” costing as much as or more than $25,000. The phenomenon is known as “barkitecture. It’s serious business — even Frank Lloyd Wright once designed a doghouse — and the craftmanship can be quite exacting.”


It’s not the dog’s life that sounds unenviable.

These Dogs Live Better Than You