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Troubled Elmo Continues Destroying the Elmo Brand

Web entrepreneur. Photo: YouTube

The saga of Bad Elmo continues with the disturbing but — given the video evidence of his bizarre Central Park Zoo rants — not altogether surprising revelation that the 48-year-old Elmo impersonator used to run a pornographic website in Cambodia called “Welcome to the Rape Camp.” He was deported. Bad Elmo’s real name is Adam Sandler. Sandler also used to work for Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. The Times reports that Sandler said the doctors who checked him out after police removed him from the park told him he was a little paranoid. “The police asked me not to come here today,” Sandler revealed from Central Park. “I’m sort of sneaking back in.” Good thing he’s wearing a disguise.

Troubled Elmo Continues Destroying Elmo Brand