Fourth of July Boating Accident Leaves Three Dead

A US Navy Ocean Tug ship and a helicopter of the Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet particpate in a crisis response exercise in a port in the capital Manama, 06 November 2007.
Photo: Adam Jan/AFP/Getty Images

Last night on Long Island Sound, a quick change in the weather turned deadly for several passengers who’d been watching the fireworks display aboard a yacht. At least 27 people were aboard a 34-foot boat that had been parked at Seawanhaka Yacht Club in Oyster Bay last evening when, around 10 p.m.,  as the boat pulled away, a calm evening filled with rain, hail, and violent waves. The boat took a sharp left turn and capsized. Nearby boaters were able to rescue about fifteen passengers and the Coast Guard rescued eight more by midnight, but for three people, it was too late. Two other passengers were rushed to the hospital, including a small child.


Fourth of July Boating Accident Leaves 3 Dead