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Beret-Mocking on Fox & Friends Goes Horribly Awry


Should the American team be wearing a beret? Why not a baseball cap?” Such were the insightful questions posed by Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy during this morning’s segment on the United States’ recently unveiled, Ralph Lauren–designed Olympic uniforms. Because berets are French! Boo, France! Why is Obama ashamed of American headwear, and also, presumably, America?

It took a little while, but Doocy and his band of loveable dunces eventually realized — with the help of viewer e-mails — that berets, in addition to being symbols of all that is wrong with the world, have been part of various U.S. military uniforms for over half a century. “There is a team that’s already wearing a beret for America, and that’s the special forces guys, and they look great,” Doocy said. So just ignore our fake outrage from earlier!

Fox & Friends Offended by Berets