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Fox News Magazine Stole Children’s Pranks for Weirdest Sex Column Ever

The Internet didn’t know what to make of Fox News Magazine when it first surfaced. Described as “the official lifestyle magazine of Fox News,” the website looks like a combination Pinterest board/Tumblr, and includes articles like “The Truth About Salad Dressing” and “7 Quirkiest Crafts on the Web.” Could Fox really have sanctioned this? Was it some sort of next-level online satire? Things only got more confusing last month when the site published one of the greatest, most (unintentionally?) hilarious listicles of all time, “10 Pranks That Will Spice Up Your Relationship,” written by one Amber Milt. “Open a bedroom door slightly (or any door that you know he will walk through) and put a pillow at the top of it — when he opens the door the pillow will hit them on the head,” she suggested with no trace of sarcasm. “Make up for your wily ways and offer to kiss his boo-boo!” We could only stare, mouths agape, with dumbfounded amazement.

It’s still impossible now to discern the seriousness of the article, not to mention the whole venture, but it does get more bizarre: Some of the pranks on the list were plagiarized. From a children’s website.

Milt, who appears to be a real person — with hair extension tips — that really is employed by Fox News, is listed as the site’s style & beauty editor and celebrity correspondent. (Her bio includes the disclaimer, “No hubbies are harmed in the making of her videos, articles, blog posts, etc.”) But, as pointed out by Cracked, she appears to have lifted the pranks on her list from “7 Kid Pranks to play on random victims,” somehow making the collection even less erotic than before.

Some of the duplicated practical jokes are old standbys (for 7-year-olds, not functional adults), like gluing a coin to the floor, but the rest are more esoteric. Milt:

8. We heard this and thought it was pretty cute, especially if you have kids! Add some sweet shenanigans to your day with a little fruity fun. Carefully poke some gummy worms into fresh fruit, like apples. Give your guy (or even your kids) a wormy apple for lunch and watch their face light up.

The kid prank list has the exact same suggestion, along with other tips like dying drinks with food coloring and taping appliances to make them stop working.

The list she stole from included a warning: “Anyway, enjoy the pranks, but don’t overdo it until it no longer becomes funny.” Milt concluded similarly: “Just remember, a harmless prank can certainly lead to some steamy activity underneath the sheets, but a cruel prank can turn him to ice. So remember to keep it fun for everyone!”

Fox News: Getting you laid with second-hand immaturity.

Fox News Magazine Stole Kid Pranks for Column