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The Heat Wave Will End, But First It Will Probably Top 100 Degrees

The good news: It’s going to stop feeling (and smelling) like a sumo wrestler locker room sometime very soon when temperatures dip back to the manageable eighties. But it has to get worse before it can get better, and so Saturday is going to be miserable — the National Weather Service has issued an advisory for New York City warning of heat index values “up to around 105” in all five boroughs through 6 p.m. tomorrow. That’s the kind of humidity that makes the 3-D Katy Perry movie look enticing enough to see twice.

If you’re desperate, but not that desperate, one could always brave the Cyclones fans and backflip attacks at McCarren Park Pool. And for the less adventurous among us, Brooklyn Bridge Park opened its own public water pit (pictured above) this morning. While it will be there for at least five summers thanks to $400,000 in state funding, the water does max out at 3-and-a-half feet, so be prepared to do the squat-and-waddle or deal with an instantly sweaty upper body every time you stand up.

Heat Wave Will End After It Tops 100 Degrees