John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Looking for a VP Who Can Rev Up the Right Flank

On today’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough said former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty would be the best fit for Mitt Romney’s running mate because “he is every bit as human and relaxed as Mitt Romney seems politically to be stiff and awkward.” But while our own John Heilemann said T-Paw is certainly still “in the mix,” he’s not yet ready to rule out other potential candidates. (And not just because a Romney campaign aide might have tweeted the veep shortlist.) “You can’t underestimate how much the Romney campaign is worried about conservative enthusiasm right now,” Heilemann said. “People like Paul Ryan and people like Bobby Jindal are still in consideration because they are people who will rev up the conservative base. I’ve been on [Ohio Senator Rob] Portman for nine months, but you keep hearing Bobby Jindal and even now a little bit more Paul Ryan in the last few days than I’ve heard for six months.”

Heilemann: Why Jindal, Ryan Look Good to Romney