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Herman Cain Launches Very Herman Cain-y Web Video Channel

Yesterday, while the rest of the country was busy lighting off every firework in the general vicinity, Herman Cain launched CainTV, a new web video channel for fans of videos of Herman Cain speaking directly to the camera. The videos cover a variety of issues, unsurprisingly packaged in a very Herman Cain-y way. “Good News News: Cancer” begins with the GNN logo over YouTube videos of puppies, U.S. soldiers hugging, a softball game, and apple pie — already we were really excited to hear all this good cancer news! Over some jazzy tunes Cain reads cancer statistics and tells us how he beat cancer: “God is great!” Additional offerings include a 30-minute inspirational speech by Cain; a short pro–Second Amendment rant, “We Are Not Stupid: Give a Lamb a Gun“; and a cartoon about a family of patriotic dinosaurs (the baby T. Rex was born from a stars-and-stripes egg!) who vacation to Plymouth Rock. Watch more here.

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Herman Cain Launches Very Herman Cain-y Web Site