Buy New York Magazine’s Most Popular, Our First Ever E-book!

Until recently, books were always made of paper and always sold in book stores, and it took a three-day carriage ride to get to one, and you probably got typhoid fever on the way there, and it was totally not worth it. But now we have e-books, which can be acquired through a simple, disease-less click of a mouse. New York, in cooperation with Byliner, has decided to celebrate this leap in technology by releasing its first ever e-book, New York Magazine’s Most Popular, which contains the magazine’s 25 most popular stories from the last five years as determined by web traffic. It’s only $7.99, barely more than a single issue of the magazine, so, obviously, you should buy it. Here are the links to iTunes and Barnes & Noble and Amazon where you can do that.

Additionally, New York writers Steve Fishman (“The Madoff Tapes“), Vanessa Grigoriadis (“Growing Up Gaga”), and Jennifer Senior (“All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting”) will be reading selections from the e-book at the Half King (505 W. 23rd Street) tonight at 7 p.m. Afterward, those three talented scribes, along with editor Michael Solomon, will partake in a Q&A moderated by New York editor-in-chief Adam Moss. So come to that too. It’s free!

Introducing New York Magazine’s First E-book