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Joyful Middle-aged Lovebirds Arrested for Enjoying Subway Musicians

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Wacky quinquagenarian couple Caroline Stern and George Hess are suing New York City for harshing on their joie de vivre after a jazz show at Lincoln Center last summer. The duo — clad in straw hats, a Hawaiian shirt and a feather boa for their appearance in the Post — claim they were doing the Charleston to some steel drums at the Columbus Circle subway stop when some cops demanded that they stop and show some ID

Hess says he only had his credit card on him and that when he started filming the absurd encounter, “eight ninja cops” materialized, tackling and cuffing the Footloose-ian pair, who then spent 23 hours in custody. “When you’re waiting for the subway late at night, there’s not much to do but dance and celebrate life,” Stern said, probably with zeal. But even eternal optimists have a limit: Though the charges were dropped, they’re suing the city. And if Hollywood (or, hell, reality TV) comes calling … well, some things were just meant to be.

Joyful Lovebirds Arrested for Dancing in Subway