Justice John Roberts Now Known As ‘Wobbly Roberts’

Ever since the Chief Justice voted in favor of upholding Obamacare, Roberts has been called a lot of things — a monstrosity, a traitor — but lately disillusioned conservatives have been taking him to task over his poor (judicial) balance. First, in May, the Los Angeles Times’ Michael McGough wrote about fears on the right that Roberts would “go wobbly” on Obamacare. 

Then, on July 1, following the ruling, CBS News reported that he had in fact gone “wobbly,” a point picked up by the Washington Post’s Charles Lane, who referred to the Chief Justice as “that wobbly John Roberts.” The next day, National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru told a Princeton University panel that Roberts “seems to be going a little bit wobbly,” and blogger PawPaw wrote that “wobbly” would be the Chief Justice’s legacy. And on July 3, the following headline was published online: “Roberts wobbles and falls down.” Someone get this man a crutch? 

Justice Roberts Now Known As ‘Wobbly Roberts’