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Important People Are Still Keeping Blackface Photos on Public Facebook Accounts

Photo: Facebook

Justin Marrus, an assistant district attorney and son of Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Alan Marrus, is extremely sorry that Gothamist found inappropriate old photos on his (since-deleted) Facebook page. The caption for one 2006 snapshot, showing Marrus in fake dreads and blackface in an album called “holloween,” reads “what part of jamaica you from mon?” Other memories immortalized forever on the Internet include Marrus simulating prison rape and dressing up with friends as “white trash brothers” complete with Confederate flag tattoos. “He admits it was childish and inappropriate,” said a D.A. spokesman today, but the bigger crime might be leaving them online, and public, for all these years. District Attorney Charles Hynes, whose office has been unceremoniously popping up in the news much too often, reportedly accepts Marrus’s apology, and should just skip any office festivities this October.

Brooklyn ADA Sorry for Blackface Facebook Pics