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Life Imitates The Simpsons

It’s safe to say that, whatever the merits of the argument, if we’re discussing whether or not Mitt Romney is a felon, then he is losing the debate over Bain Capital. The F-word was injected into the campaign yesterday when Dylan Byers brought up an old post, which defended Romney on the grounds that his SEC filings said he gave up active management of Bain Capital, and that if they were false, Romney “would be guilty of a federal felony.” Yesterday Stephanie Cutter said well, maybe he is a felon.

That’s a pretty wild charge to be throwing out without evidence. Conn Carroll of the conservative Washington Examiner has what he considers a knock-out response — if Romney is a felon, why hasn’t Obama prosecuted him?

… if it is a felony, then why isn’t the nation’s top law enforcement officer, Obama, prosecuting Romney?

Either Obama’s Bain attacks are all lies or he has granted amnesty to a Wall Street felon.

I see a powerful opening for Romney. Obama is so soft on white-collar crime, he granted amnesty to white-collar criminal Mitt Romney. Vote Romney for president.

It worked for Sideshow Bob, anyway:

Life Imitates The Simpsons