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Fourteen-Year-Old Long Island Boy Caught Pointing Laser at Police Chopper

Laser pointers.

Based on the origin of a green laser beam pointed into the cockpit of a Suffolk County Police helicopter searching the Brentwood area of Long Island Tuesday night, authorities were quickly able to find the culprit, who turned out to be a 14-year-old boy. Police questioned the teen who was then released into the custody of … his mommy. Actually, it’s not funny: In mid-July, someone pointed a green laser beam into the cockpit of Jet Blue plane over Long Island, forcing the co-pilot to take over for the temporarily blinded first officer. Authorities determined that the laser beam in that case came from West Islip, Babylon, or Lindenhurst, all of which are awfully close to Brentwood, where police found the teen in the helicopter incident. According to NBC New York, police are investigating a possible connection.

L.I. Teen Caught Pointing Laser at Helicopter