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The Married, Pregnant Couple Not Having As Much Sex As They’d Like

Today, we have an extra-special Sex Diary for you: A husband and pregnant wife, each tracking a week of their sex lives — or, more often than they’d prefer, no-sex lives — from their own perspectives. It ran in New York’s Sex Issue this week along with a lot of other great sex-related stuff: Dan P. Lee peeks in on the various sexual adventures that take place throughout the city each Saturday night. Molly Young introduces us to a “throuple” — three gay men in a relationship with each other. Alex Morris examines a retirement home’s hook-up culture. Molly Langmuir collects testimonials from four bisexuals. Richard Kern photographs six couples in the throes of a passionate kiss. And Matthew Wolfe attends a mixer where johns network with prostitutes. It’s a fascinating smorgasbord of sex! Read it all!

Married, Pregnant Couple Sex Diary