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Mindy Meyer, of Sparkly Website Fame, Really Gets the Basics of Politics

The political campaign of aspiring state senator Mindy Meyer, a 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman from Brooklyn, has started off famously thanks to her hot-pink GIF-tastic website. Her “Sexy and I Know It” theme demonstrates a generational savvy for getting noticed, especially online, and landed her interviews with various major news organizations, Mike Huckabee, Bravo, MTV, and potentially Anderson Cooper, she says, but her grasp on the issues and political strategy is more tenuous. Yet Meyer does make some (very) basic sense.

In a car ride around the district with the Jewish Daily Forward, Meyer talks about meeting Mayor Rudy Giuliani when she was 11, a run-in that inspired her political drive. (She then invited him to her bat mitzvah.) Meyer also engages with voters on the street, and her case against incumbent Kevin Parker is impassioned, if not entirely convincing. “What do you lose by voting for me? Kevin Parker showed you, for ten years he screwed up,” she tells a man on the street. “By putting me up there, do you have anything to lose? Nothing!”

Back in the car, where she makes an illegal U-turn, Meyer is confident: “All I need to do is just go to my district and get their votes,” she says. And she is not wrong!

Mindy Meyer Really Gets the Basics of Politics