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Mitt Romney Made the Baseball Hall of Fame, Sort Of

Photo: TJ Kosinski

Occupy Wall Street and very rich man Mitt Romney have inadvertently teamed up to make baseball history. Sitting in the hallowed halls of the Cooperstown museum these days is the uniform of a theatrical protest troupe called the Tax Dodgers, a “team” that debuted along with a giant Mitt — get it? — at a Donald Trump fund-raiser for Romney in April.

Their hat on display reads “1%” and the team mocked financial loopholes in revised lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” But lest you think America’s pastime has gone commie, the Times reports that the Occupy group “have been included in the Hall of Fame Museum not because of their political content but because they reflect baseball’s prominent place in the national landscape.” According to a curator, “It’s a language we all speak.” Well, not all of us.

Mitt Romney Made the Baseball Hall of Fame