MTA Driver Catches Young Girl in Fall From Third-Story Window

A 7-year-old autistic girl crawled out a window and on top of an air conditioner on the third story of a Coney Island apartment building Monday when neighbor and MTA bus driver Steven St. Bernard came to the rescue. “I ran over there, heart pounding, praying that the little girl do not fall,” St. Bernard told NY1. “If she did decide to jump or if she loses her balance, I was hoping to catch her. She slipped off the air conditioner and I caught her.”

The video shows the girl falling off the air conditioner and into 52-year-old St. Bernard’s arms, who tore a tendon in his biceps making the catch, “a small sacrifice,” he told the Post. He did even better for the girl: “Not a scratch on her,” her mother said. “The man caught her, thank God. It’s a miracle.” Like State Farm, St. Bernard is theeeeere.

MTA Driver Catches Young Girl in Fall