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The NYPD Can Pull Over Radioactive Citizens

A Metropolitan Diary from the New York Times this morning describes one of the more curious police stops we’ve heard lately, and one that again occupies that strange place between, “Good thing the NYPD has such advanced tools to keep us safe,” and “Wait a second, that’s sort of scary.” Driving uptown one day, the diarist Zvi Szubin was pulled over by an “unmarked black S.U.V.” and approached by “an officer, heavily armed and wearing a bulletproof flak jacket”:


Don’t move! — Just stay put,” he commanded sternly, eyeing me with suspicion, while glancing at what looked like a cellphone pointed at my face.

The driver explained that he just had a PET/CT scan, at which point things become more clear and he’s given a bottle of water by the police:

The leader brought the apparent cellphone closer to my face, addressing the rookie. “You can see that it reads now, 4.5. However, when we first stopped him it read 7.7.”

And, then addressing me: “Sir, you were full of radioactive material, and that is why we had to stop you. But now the count is already coming down.”

The NYPD Can Pull Over Radioactive Citizens