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Police Find Cyanide in Convicted Arsonist Michael Marin’s Car

Marin. Photo: FOX 10

Authorities found cyanide in the the car of Michael Marin, the former Wall Street trader convicted of arson on June 28 in a Phoenix court, where he collapsed shortly after the jury read its verdict. Video cameras captured footage of Marin as he put his hands over his face, apparently in anguish, and put something in his mouth. KSAZ reports that Marin swallowed several times in the ensuing minutes. He later began convulsing violently and was rushed to an ambulance, later declared dead.

Local ABC15 reports that Marin, eventually found guilty of burning down his mansion in 2009 to escape debt, had ordered cyanide from a chemical company in 2011 and had it delivered to his home. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said at a news conference on Tuesday that he believes Marin made capsules from the cyanide powder. Police initially suspected suicide by poison and the new evidence obviously supports that position. Toxicology results are still pending.

Police Find Cyanide in Michael Marin’s Car