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Press Barred From Mitt Romney’s Jerusalem Fund-raiser

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - JANUARY 13: (ISRAEL OUT) In this handout from the Israeli GPO, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with former Governor of Massachussets Mitt Romney (L) in the Prime Minister's residence on January 13, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel. Romney, who ran for US president in 2008 is considering another run in 2012. (Photo by Amos BenGershom/GPO via Getty Images)
Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Handout/2011 GPO

While pool reporters are usually allowed at finance events, Mitt Romney’s Monday morning donor breakfast at Israel’s King David Hotel will not include any members of the media, the campaign has announced. A spokesman declined to explain the reasoning behind what David Axelrod punnily called the Mittness Protection Program, but observers have some ideas about what’s going on. 

Romney has promised not to criticize the president on foreign soil, but whatever he says to the fund-raiser’s attendees — most of whom will be American Jews, including billionaire supporter Sheldon Adelson — will almost definitely feature some allusions to (if not full-on attacks on) Obama’s Israel policy. And, of course, Israel is always a “sensitive issue” among voters, and if there’s anything Romney has done in the last few days, it’s prove that he can turn even the tamest of subjects into a point of controversy. 

Press Barred From Romney’s Jerusalem Fund-raiser