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Queens Man Allegedly Orders Another Man’s Package on JetBlue Flight

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 6: Three Jet Blue Airways planes are shown on the tarmac at Kennedy International Airport February 6, 2003 in New York City. The planes feature new ‘Pucci-Esque’$2 1960s style tail graphics. Jet Blue Airways celebrated its third anniversary by unveiling their 38th aircraft featuring the new tail graphics. Jet Blue launched its first flight February 2000 and flew its 10 millionth customer last month. Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

It was off the menu. The incident happened on a mid-July flight from the Dominican Republic to JFK when 29-year-old Othniel Polanco allegedly reached over to the 18-year-old sleeping passenger sitting next to him, put his hand inside the guy’s shorts around the knee, and groped the man’s genitals. The victim punched Polanco in the face when he woke up. According to the Daily News, Polanco initially denied the act but admitted in a complaint that he had “crossed a boundary.” He now faces charges for sexual assault.

Queens Man Grabs Another Man’s Package on Flight