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Mitt Romney Is Still Winning the Fund-raising War

The Obama and Romney campaigns released their June fund-raising numbers yesterday, as did our country’s many super-PACs. And, once again, it seems that the president is losing the money battle. Romney and the Republican National Committee raised nearly $73 million compared to the Democrats’ $66 million, and now have more money on hand than the president’s reelection effort. But hidden in the barrage of numbers is a little bit of good news for Obama: liberal mega-donors finally seem to be ready to step in. 

Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama super-PAC, brought in $6.2 million last month. Leading the charge was Irwin Jacobs, a telecoms billionaire, who cut Priorities USA Action a $2 million check. There were also at least two $1 million donations, including one from actor (and Voice of God) Morgan Freeman.

But this little bit of good news may be overshadowed by last month’s figures on spending, where the president still maintains a commanding lead. In his effort to redefine Romney as a jobs-cutting, outsourcing vulture capitalist, Obama spent some $43 million on advertising and a staggering $2.6 million just on polling. That’s compared to just $10.4 million — or a quarter as much — spent by the Romney camp in June. On the super-PAC side of things, Priorities USA Action spent $7.9 million — more than it brought in. For contrast: the Karl Rove–backed behemoth American Crossroads, which has been on a media buying spree with sibling organization Crossroads GPSspent $3.7 million last month.

Romney Is Still Winning the Fund-raising War