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Why Obama’s Singing Ad Is More Devastating Than Romney’s Singing Ad

Over the weekend, the Obama campaign released what seems like it might be the most devastating TV ad of the campaign so far. Entitled “Firms,” it juxtaposes Mitt Romney singing “America the Beautiful” — he did this all the time for a few weeks during the primary, for some reason — with news items highlighting his offshore bank accounts and Bain’s outsourcing of jobs.

Romney countered this morning with a musical (web-only) ad of his own called “Political Payoffs and Middle Class Layoffs,” one which trumpets the special treatment Obama has given his top donors. As news headlines appear on screen, Obama sings the words “I’m so in love with you” from Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

Both ads are harsh, but Obama’s, we think, lands a harder blow. By contrasting Romney’s public patriotism with his behind-the-scenes attempts to store his money overseas, the ad’s message is two-fold: Romney is not only a tax-dodger and an outsourcer, but he’s also a phony.

Singing Ads: Obama vs. Romney