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Stripper Turned Wall Streeter Confused About How Affairs Work

Not Obenauer. Photo: Chris Gramly/iStock

Tara Obenauer, a Long Island woman who swapped stripping for trading, had an affair with a Nassau County cop that went bad, so naturally she’s suing the police department. Because the illicit pair had their trysts while he was on duty, Obenauer wants $10 million from the force to account for their negligence, and thus her emotional damages. “I think this is a claim that just about defies imagination,” said a lawyer for the county, who’s willing to have a sense of humor about this thing. “Because, based on what has been reported in the press, she was receiving from the county Police Department a lot more than others were receiving.” Zing. Get it? The joke’s on the taxpayers either way!

Wall Streeter Confused About How Affairs Work