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Survey: New York City Residents Enjoy Above-Average Amount of Sex

A pair trying to make love while a black rectangle obscures their vision. Photo: Iurii Kryvenko/iStockphoto

A study commissioned by Trojan condoms found that New Yorkers have sex 156 times a year on average* (nearly three times per week), a full five romps more than the national average. The researchers polled residents in ten major cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, about their preferences and satisfaction. “This is New York, we have the best and the biggest of everything,” auto mechanic Terah Spring, 31, from Bed-Stuy, told the Daily News. “I think we’re more open here than in other parts of the country.”

More open, perhaps more willing. Maybe there’s just something arousing about having dinner beneath the bridge in Brooklyn.

*This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that Miami — not New York — tops the cities surveyed with residents having sex 177 times a year. So Miami got LeBron, a title, and they have more sex. We regret the error.

NYC Residents Enjoy Above-Average Amount of Sex