Representative Thaddeus McCotter Had a Really Bad Month

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 12: Republican presidential candidate Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill on September 12, 2011 in Washington, DC. Rep. McCotter held the news conference to unveil a Social Security reform bill he says will restore solvency to the program, without cutting benefits or raising taxes. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
I’ve had it up to here with you, DC. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Photo: Mark Wilson/2011 Getty Images

Thaddeus McCotter, who once upon a time ran (unnoticed) for the Republican presidential nomination, resigned yesterday from the House of Representatives after nearly 26 years in office. In a statement he wrote:


This past nightmarish month and a half have, for the first time, severed the necessary harmony between the needs of my constituency and of my family. As this harmony is required to serve, its absence requires I leave.

Among McCotter’s recent challenges were his inability to rustle up 1,000 signatures to get his name on Michigan’s August 7 primary ballot, allegations of fraud in his signature-gathering effort, and Thursday’s Detroit News story leaking details of the TV pilot McCotter’s been working on. Here’s more on that last thing: 

Bumper Sticker: Made On Motown starred McCotter hosting a crude variety show cast with characters bearing the nicknames of his congressional staffers, his brother and a drunk, perverted “Black Santa.” They take pot shots about McCotter’s ill-fated bid for the White House while spewing banter about drinking, sex, race, flatulence, puking and women’s anatomy. It features a cartoon intro and closing snippet with an Oldsmobile careening through Detroit and knocking over the city’s landmarks. The double-finned car has a Michigan license plate reading: “Made on MoTown.”

Thaddeus McCotter Resigns Congressional Seat