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Ticket-Fixing Officer Still Gunning for ‘Most Crooked Cop’ Title From Jail

Seventeen-year NYPD veteran Jose Ramos inadvertently helped set the department’s big ticket-fixing scandal into motion while he was under investigation for working with a drug dealer. He ended up accused of trying to move heroin while on duty, stealing $50,000 from an undercover officer, outing a confidential informant, and a host of other corruption crimes. But that’s not all: Today, Ramos was indicted on still more charges that he conspired with his wife from Rikers, using code names and money from his NYPD pension, to have a witness against him killed. Ramos “sold his badge” with the ticket-fixing charges, a Bronx assistant district attorney said today. “Now he has sold his soul.” Unfortunately for him, the deal was being recorded.

Ticket-Fixing Cop Charged With Murder Conspiracy