Trayvon Martin’s Parents Respond to George Zimmerman Interview in Three of Their Own

Well before the murder trial of George Zimmerman actually begins, the battle in the court of public opinion continues. George Zimmerman gave his first interview last night to Sean Hannity on Fox News, telling the host that he has no regrets in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. “I feel it was all God’s plan. For me to second-guess it … ,” Zimmerman said. This morning, Martin’s mother and father appeared on the Today Show, CBS This Morning, and Fox & Friends to give their impressions of the interview. “Why would God have him to kill an unarmed teenager? I mean, it just makes no sense,” said Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother. “What plan is it? I mean, that’s just heartless to say that that was God’s plan that he took our child’s life.”

Martin’s parents also expressed their doubt in the sincerity of Zimmerman’s apology and cited the inconsistencies in his story. “He had no regards for Trayvon’s life,” said Martin’s father. “Had George Zimmerman stayed in his vehicle, Trayvon would be here with us today.”

But when pushed on the specifics of the case, the family’s attorney Benjamin Crump jumped in: “The state attorney is going to look at that interview that he did last night as a gift when they cross-examine him,” he said.

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Respond to Zimmerman