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Poland’s Lech Walesa Endorses Romney, Says He Lacks Charisma

“Thanks, but I’ll pass on the constructive criticism right now.”

Much of Mitt Romney’s trip to Poland on Monday was overshadowed by lingering controversy over his insult to the Palestinians. However, his meeting with former Polish President Lech Walesa actually went rather well, with the Nobel Peace Prize winner saying through a translator, “I wish you to be successful, because this success is needed to the United States, of course, but to Europe and the rest of the world, too.” That’s essentially an endorsement! Yet, Romney didn’t get through his visit to Poland unscathed, as later Walesa went on national television to point out Romney’s shortcomings.

The Wall Street Journal reports that after their meeting Walesa appeared on TVN24, Poland’s first 24-hour news channel. He said charisma is something Romney “doesn’t really yet have, but he’s very observant. He gets it fast and draws conclusions, which means he has all the traits of a good leader. But he still needs to do some rallying.” Apparently the Bill Clinton School of Undermining Endorsements has a study abroad program.

Walesa Endorses Romney, Says He Lacks Charisma