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‘Mitt Romney, a Hero in My Mind’ Is Just the Latest Tepid Romney Endorsement

Even though this guy, William Tapley — who has been featured on Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList on three separate occasions — calls his anthem “Mitt Romney, a Hero in My Mind,” the song really isn’t about Romney at all. Instead, Tapley’s message seems to be that Obama is some kind of Antichrist bent on destroying the world, and Romney just happens to be the guy running against him. It’s just the latest in a long string of very tepid Romney endorsements. 

The full lyrics:

Wo, wo, wo
Cried the eagle to the world below
Wake up frien[d]
Can’t you see we’re at the en[d]?
Wars, and rumors of war,
Look out for
The signs he gave
Jesus gave
Are you saved?
If you keep your wick trim, you’ll be safe
You’ll go with him

World War III
That’s Obama’s plan for you and me
What a crock
It’s the only hope he’s got
He can’t be elected
On his record
It’s a crime
He should resign
That’s why I’m
Voting for Mitt Romney, he’s a hero in my mind.

Man Wrote Mitt Romney His New Campaign Song