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The Clock Has Struck 6 p.m. and Todd Akin Is Still on the Ballot

Todd Akin speaks in front of a statue of James Madison. #juxtaposition Photo: Facebook

At 6 p.m. Eastern Time today (5 p.m. Missoura time), the deadline passed for Todd Akin to remove himself from the ballot and allow a less embarrassing substitute to take his place. But all hope is not lost for the Republican Establishment, because the real deadline is September 25. If Akin gets court approval by then — and Missouri law says that such an order “shall be freely given” unless ” good cause” can be shown by the “election authority” — then all Akin has to do is pay the cost of reprinting the ballots, and he’s off. In other words, Akin has another month to prove he is not worthless, and the GOP has a month to convince him that yes, he is.

Akin Deadline Passes