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Better Know a Delegate: George Engelbach, Missouri

George Engelbach is dressed up as someone who looks like Abraham Lincoln, but not Abraham Lincoln.

What’s your name and where are you from?

I’m George Engelbach. I’m from Hillsboro, Missouri. Here’s my card.

Who are you dressed up as today?

Some people think I look like Abraham Lincoln. I’m not sure.

Some people?

One guy I met said I should have been shot sooner, but that’s okay.

Are you staying in character?

I’m here for the convention. I’m a delegate.

You’re not trying to be Abraham Lincoln?

No, not really.

But you look very much like Abraham Lincoln.

Well, I just wear the clothes because it makes everybody think that I look like Abraham Lincoln.

So you’re just messing with people.

Well, certainly.

What would Lincoln say about Todd Akin?

He’d say everyone should be forgiven. Todd asked for forgiveness. He not only apologized, he asked for forgiveness. And where are we in this world when we don’t forgive?

This interview has been condensed.

Better Know a Delegate: George Engelbach