City Forcing Food Delivery Bicyclists to Slow Down

Delivery guy crossing a street before the light turns red. That’s a paddlin’. Photo: Seth W. /Flickr

Food delivery guys will typically do whatever it takes to get to their destination as quickly as possible: ride on the sidewalk, go against traffic on a one-way street, blow through red lights, knock over a mustachioed pastry chef carrying a comically large cake that then inevitably falls on a wealthy old lady walking her poodle, etc. But now, as DNA Info reports, the city’s Department of Transportation is cracking down.

Starting in January, bicycle-riding delivery men will have to wear helmets, don orange safety vests emblazoned with the name of their restaurant and an ID number, and even, yes, obey traffic laws. Should they fail to comply, they can be hit with fines of $100 to $300 courtesy of a beefed-up enforcement team. The new rules will likely prevent some accidents and probably even save some lives, but they will also force you to wait an extra few minutes for a fully prepared meal from a cuisine based halfway around the world to arrive at your doorstep. We’re all for safety, but at what cost?

NYC Forces Food Delivery Bicyclists to Slow Down