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Brooklyn Parents Say What the Hell, Take Pre-Verbal Babies to French Class

“We look ridiculous in ANOTHER article!” Photo: Ralf Hettler/Copyright by Ralf Hettler

Little Günther, 8 months, ashes a Gauloises and sips his babyccino: No, no, no, mon cherie, I prefer early Truffaut to early Godard, he slurs with a chuckle, stroking his mustache. Just kidding — 8-month-olds can’t speak one language, let alone two, nor can they smoke, grow facial hair, or have opinions on film (or anything). And who names their kid Günther? But this is the twisted fantasy of some Brooklyn parents, DNAinfo reports, and the reality is not far off:

At 15 months, Zahara Shabazz isn’t much of a talker.

Neither is 11-month-old Zippy, or her peer Soleil. But that hasn’t stopped their moms Rashida Bumbray, Zohar Hicks and Faith Ramsey from joining the growing group of parents who tote their tots to Baby French, a new class at The Candy Rush on Franklin Avenue.

Be the self-parody you wish to see in the world.

Brooklyn Parents Take Babies to French Class