City Devotes Additional Resources to the War on Bees

A bumble bee collects nectar from the calyx of a marguerite in Berlin on July 11, 2011. Like their relatives the honey bees, bumble bees feed on nectar and gather pollen to feed their young. AFP PHOTO / WOLFGANG KUMM GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read WOLFGANG KUMM/AFP/Getty Images) Photo: WOLFGANG KUMM/2011 AFP

After over 20 years of heroic service, the NYPD’s “bee-control czar” Anthony Planakis has been promoted from officer to detective. The new title comes with a new “bee mobile” and additional equipment to aid the man —  known by the tough-sounding nickname “Tony Bees” — in his ongoing battle against this particular winged menace.


City Devotes Additional Resources to Bee War