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College Janitor Fired After Repeated Attempts to Suck High School Girl’s Toes

Funny pink sandals on female feet. Isolated on white background

The 29-year-old maintenance man first tried to get a lunch date with a girl from a high school on LaGuardia Community College’s campus in Long Island City, Queens. The girl declined, but investigators said Harley Joseph persisted earlier this year when he approached the girl and told her she had “nice feet,” and then offered her $100 to suck her toes, according to the Daily News. The matter worsened when Joseph opened his wallet and offered “as much money as she wanted,” and then allegedly became aggressive and grabbed her in an attempt to take her somewhere private. She broke away and reported the altercation; however, the Daily News writes that police dropped it “after learning that Joseph had already been transferred.”

College Janitor Fired for Foot Fetish Come-On