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FDNY EMTs Save Nun (and Friends!) From Drowning in Queens Flood

When heavy thunderstorms began to pummel Queens on Wednesday, 86-year-old Sister Claudia Bradshaw of Margaret’s Catholic Church in Middle Village was out driving with two friends when their car stalled in a mass of water that nearly swallowed the car entirely, reports the Daily News. Bradshaw’s friends called 911; she prayed, obviously. Then — thanks to either the power of prayer, a rapid response, or both — FDNY EMTs Marilyn Arroyo and Jimmy Guailacela made it to the scene just in time to pull the three out of the car before it became fully submerged. “We thought we were going to drown and then all of sudden they were there to save us,” Bradshaw said. “God bless them.”

FDNY EMTs Save Nun From Drowning in Queens