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Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Brooklyn, Nearly Eats Car [Updated]

Photo: gazawia/Twitter

The Earth went looking for a snack in Brooklyn on Wednesday when a twenty-foot deep, twenty-foot-wide sinkhole opened up between Fourth and Fifth Avenues in Bay Ridge at about 6 p.m., according to CBS. Several cars lined the collapsed portion of the street. Fortunately, the sinkhole didn’t swallow any vehicles; however, it got at least a taste of one that leaned into the gaping hole. “We’re so blessed,” said the Zen-like car owner. “If we were five minutes later or anything, we could have been in the hole.” Another cavity formed earlier in the summer in the same neighborhood. The cause is unknown and we’re not geologists, but our recollection of high school earth science tells us this is a pretty clear-cut case of an undernourished Earth.

Update: NY1 has reported that the cause of the sinkhole is a sewer main break that will require repairs lasting through the weekend. Mystery solved.

Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Brooklyn, Eats Car