Imprisoned Former Bin Laden Translator Says LeBron James Is ‘Very Bad Man’

Showcasing his talents elsewhere. Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Alleged Al Qaeda member Muhammed Rahim wrote his attorney to advise him that a fellow Guantánamo Bay detainee got a pet cat, apparently to complain that he did not likewise receive one for his cooperation with authorities. Rahim, a former Osama bin Laden translator, is considered a “high-value” detainee because he agreed to testify against one of the main 9/11 plotters, the Washington Post reports. But Rahim has concerns greater than companionship with a kitten. In a declassified letter (date uncertain), Rahim tells his Akron, Ohio, native attorney that he’s pissed about NBA star LeBron James’s callous departure to Miami. “Dear Mr. Warner!” Rahim wrote. “Lebron James is very bad man. He should apologise to the city of Cleveland.” James did apologize to Cleveland in May 2011. Rahim operates by an awfully bizarre code of conduct.

Gitmo Prisoner Says LeBron James Is ‘Bad Man’