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Gullible Guy’s Car Stolen in Times Square

Photo: Courtesy of Maserati

Those who pine for the good old days when Times Square was a cesspool of wretched humanity will be pleased to hear about Chadwick Lange, a 43-year-old moron whose Maserati was stolen after he let two guys take pictures with it. 

A real estate broker and recent transplant from Florida, Lange was at 47th and Broadway at 4:40 a.m. Sunday meeting a “friend” when two polite night owls asked if they could take pictures with his $150,000 car. Friendly Southerner that he is, Lange said yes, even though the car was unlocked and still running.

That’s when the photographers turned into thieves. One jumped behind the wheel while the other ran around the corner. The first picked up the second and Lange was left carless, in the middle of Times Square. His car remains missing. Along with his pride.

Gullible Guy’s Maserati Stolen in Times Square